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Rich Z
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Default Rust on the driveshafts

So maybe having a lift in my garage isn't all that great of an idea sometimes. When I changed the oil recently I was under the Trailhawk for the first time, and got a look around from the bottom looking up. Honestly, I have never seen a shade of rust that I really liked much. And those driveshafts sure looked rustier than I would like them to be at this early stage of the game. So this has been eating at me, and today I decided to put the TH back up on the lift and see if I could do something about that.

I broke open a small can of POR (Paint Over Rust) and with a small paint brush I touched up those rusty driveshafts. Unfortunately the central driveshaft was just a bit out of my reach without removing the entire exhaust system, so I just had to let that be. I might have been able to get to some of it with some novel arm contortions, but I think it would have been a real messy job. And I didn't really want to get POR on the exhaust pipes. It is supposed to be good to 450 degrees (according to the manufacturer), but after using it on the exhaust system on my home standby generator, I discovered that it smokes like crazy when heated up enough. POR is nasty stuff to be breathing as it is, so certainly the smoke from it can't be real good neither. But at least I feel better about what I was able to do to smack back the rusting on the shafts I could reach underneath the Trailhawk. Surprisingly, except for at some spot welds, the exhaust system seems to be relatively rust free so far.

Yeah, I have tried a product that was really nothing more than spraying goop on everything metal underside on my Wrangler, but really didn't like the mess that this made even a little bit. I forget what it is called, but I still have a few cans sitting in my storage cabinet that I will never use. POR is pretty good stuff, so this will do me.
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