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Rich Z
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Well, interestingly enough, I discovered today that the hood on this Trailhawk is not just a mild steel sheet metal part. It is not magnetic. Not really sure what it is made out of, though. But the place underneath the hood latch base definitely looks metallic.

I was taking a look at the hood latch that has the paint chipped off of it where the latching mechanism grabs it, and wanted to set down a magnetic base lamp I have. Sure wouldn't stick to the hood, so I was a bit surprised by that.

One good thing is that I guess I really don't need to worry about that hood paint blemish developing into a rust spot if whatever it is just pops off one day.

In any event, here's what the damaged hood latch looks like:

Looks like the paint is just flaking off of that part. Well, that is because that is exactly what is happening. The paint doesn't really adhere to the metal latch at all, and I was able to easily scrape it off just using a screwdriver blade. So apparently the hood latching mechanism just broke through the paint, and then it started flaking off more and more.

The dealership I bought the "Hawk" from sent me a bottle of white touchup paint, but I'm think I will use POR-15 on it, because it is just a tougher paint and hopefully will be able to withstand being on that latch without breaking and peeling away. I do have some POR prep fluid, so I will treat the metal with that before applying the paint coat. I have already scraped all of the paint off of the 'U' shaped part, figuring I might as well just repaint the entire thing. Not painting the base, however, and hopefully I won't have to in the future.
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