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Rich Z
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Default And still something else I have a question about...

So yeah, I am underneath the Trailhawk poking around, and spotted something else that just looks odd to me. Yeah, I know, this is my first Grand Cherokee, and likely this is just something that is the way it is because Jeep wanted it to be this way.

But still..... There is a part on the frame on the passenger side, and there is what looks like a place where that same part should be on the frame on the driver's side, but it isn't. That wouldn't bother me so much, except on the spot on the frame on the driver's side, it actually looks like something USED to be there and was removed. Now THAT does get me curious.

I tried looking up that part number on the label, but didn't come up with anything to tell me what that part is I'm looking at. And just looking at it, darn if I can figure out what the heck it is there for or what it is supposed to do. Anyone have any ideas? And if you have looked underneath of your Trailhawk, do you have the same situation on your vehicle?

Sorry if I seem full of suspicions and paranoia, but I had a REAL bad situation happen several years ago with a vette I had a couple of shops work on. So I am nowhere near as trustful as I used to be. If something seems questionable to me, I question it.
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