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Rich Z
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Default Missing transmission skid plate on Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

So while puttering around underneath the Trailhawk, I noticed that there appeared to be a skid plate missing underneath of the transmission pan. Just seemed like an obvious gap there, but heck I've seen Jeep do some odd things sometimes. Honestly, it wasn't easy to verify this omission, but I finally got notified by the service manager at Firkins Jeep after I sent queries to the dealership, and he ordered the missing plate (which is really only plastic anyway, and not much protection against any serious threats) and the hardware I would likely need. I offered to install it myself rather than make the drive down to Bradenton for them to do it. Seemed like a simple enough job to do. This all showed up today, so today seemed as good a day as any to tackle it.

This image shows the missing transmission skid plate.

I needed to just remove the two rear bolts on the skid plate in front of the missing transmission plate.

The plate rearwards of the transmission plate had to be completely removed. There are five bolts involved. Numbers 1, 4, and 5 are slotted, so they only needed to be loosened enough that after removing bolts 2 and 3 you could then just slide the plate off of the other bolts.

Two additional bolts were needed for the transmission plate, which were fortunately provided by Firkins. The two rear bolts on that forward plate were used to bolt the transmission plate in place by sliding the transmission plate over top of that forward plate and running the bolts through both plates.

Tightened down the bolts on the transmission plate, then just put the rearward plate back on, sliding it onto the three bolts that were loose, and putting the other two in and tightening down everything.


The only minor complication was that I was putting the driver side front lift pad on the frame right where that rear skid plate was mounted. Fortunately I had purchased some special lifting pucks with a "V" manufactured into them so that I could lift that area using them on the body pinch weld there.

I guess a metal skid plate underneath the transmission would be better, but I don't have to contend with rocks too much here in north Florida if I should take it off road any. So this plastic one will suffice for now, I suppose.
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