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Default Paint blemish on new Trailhawk

So right after bringing the Trailhawk back home after purchasing from a dealer in south Florida, my wife noticed a blemish in the paint on the hood.

This appears to be an obvious factory defect, since it appears there is something underneath the primer as well as the top coat. So what concerns me is that eventually it will break loose, and then I will have a spot of bare metal showing on the hood where rust can get a toehold.

Thing is, the dealer I purchased this from is a good 6 hour or so drive (I am near Tallahassee FL, and the dealer is in Bradenton FL), otherwise I would just take it to them, and I'm sure they would take care of it. I asked the Bradenton dealer about just taking it to the local dealer instead of making the trip down there, and they felt that if the local dealer determined that it is a factory defect, then no problem getting it fixed under warranty.

So what do you think? Obvious factory defect? Think the non-selling dealer will balk at repairing it?
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